The Role of Social Media

In today’s world, social media permeates almost every inch of our society. It is used to connect friends and loved ones from across the globe or across the living room. We rely on it to keep us informed about the daily lives and events of our family, friends, and followers and on things like celebrity gossip or breaking news. Businesses use social media for marketing and advertising purposes. They leverage its power to reach new customers/clients, keep current customers/clients engaged, inform the public, advertise sales, new products, services offered, etc. Social media also creates economic growth through new start-up companies that in turn provide jobs. However, it has its downsides as well. Today more and more people, especially those who grew up or are growing up with this technology, are spending time communicating through social media instead of having face-to-face conversations. Additionally, the practice of bullying has leveraged the power of social media to tease people in front of a larger public audience. Social media, with the help of smartphones and consistent internet availability, can be addicting for some people. There is also the issue of privacy. By posting your information and daily routine on social media sites, you may unknowingly be giving away information to criminals who could then rob your home or cause you harm. One thing is for sure, social media is here to stay, and we will continue to utilize its capabilities in new and exciting ways.

4 thoughts on “The Role of Social Media

  1. You make a great point about how there is both a positive and negative side to the use of social media. Social media has become a huge positive for most companies over the years. They are now able to target people that they may not have been able to in the past. I have noticed lately that on my Facebook there are ads of clothing stores I have recently looked at. It is kind of creepy to think about. I have also been looking at homes in the area, so when I hop on to Facebook guess what I see. A bunch of websites where homes are sold. I think this is a major break through for businesses as they are able to get there information right in front of people who are paying attention to them. Great response.


  2. I agree that social media has both a positive and negative side to it! For businesses, they can find major success by promoting their pages to the public on social media. It can also have a negative effect when someone finds out that they have been unethical. Everyone on social media will easily know if a company has done something wrong. One thing that I find creepy is when I look at clothing online and then the same shirt I liked popped up on my Facebook page. Businesses now can do things like this. The more I see something I like the more I want to buy it. So, they do have a good thing going for them.


  3. Good point about social media creating economic growth through the jobs it creates. That is an interesting aspect to the role social media has in today’s marketplace that I didn’t even think of. I never really thought about specialized jobs in the social media world, but there is an increasing amount of jobs that focus primarily on social media. This job no longer belongs to the marketing department to put on their back burner. It is a job for a person to focus on.


  4. I totally agree with your post. Social media can help with economic growth, especially with new start up businesses. It allows them to get the word out about their business. Social media can also have its downfalls, like you said. There are some people that give to much of their personal information out on them which can cause a lot of problems like stolen identity or even theft. Most corporations have made social media the means of their marketing and other companies who have fallen behind in the social media age might feel the impact.


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