How I Stay Current with My Favorite Brand.

This is a hard post because I have two brands that I follow closely; Apple and Starbucks. I’m loyal to these brands because their customer service is exceptional, their products are of the highest quality, and they both heavily utilize customer feedback. Also, when you walk into an Apple or Starbucks retail store, you get a feeling of cleanliness. I’m not saying every store is clean; what I mean is that the design of the interiors is modern and airy with a lot of hard surfaces made from natural resources like glass, steel, wood, and stone. Both companies also employ environmentally-friendly business practices and in the case of Starbucks, provide vegan-friendly and healthy options.

Currently, I follow the Starbucks brand through various forms of electronic media including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, the Starbucks App, text messages, email newsletters and through visiting their website. Most important on that list is text messages, email newsletters, and the Starbucks App. Those three forms of communication help me to stay current with the Starbucks brand. The most relevant information for me is star challenges, special drink offers, new drinks or new drink combinations, and social or environmental causes. I would personally like to see more seasonal drinks become vegan-friendly and the prices of alternative milk options lowered.

So, for me to follow your company you need to produce excellent products, provide top-notch customer service, have sleek modern designs, employ environmentally-friendly practices, and provide healthy vegan-friendly options.

4 thoughts on “How I Stay Current with My Favorite Brand.

  1. I think you have made great points as to why you follow these businesses. I think it is interesting to hear what brands people follow because everyone is different. I am not a Starbucks fan at all, I would prefer Caribou coffee over Starbucks. Now that I think about it, I also like you follow Caribou via text message and email. When I wrote my post, I did not even think about text messaging as a way of getting information from the brand. I think you have a great point about what you are looking for the most. I also like the offers sent to me via my phone when Caribou does a buy one get one promotion. Overall, great job with this post! I think you have a lot of great ways to get information from these companies.


  2. You and I are pretty similar. I don’t follow many brands, but Apple and Starbucks are at the top of my list. I like how you mentioned the customer service and cleanliness aspects. When I think of following a brand, I just jump straight to social media and email chains. I don’t necessarily think about my direct interactions with that brand, but I should. You’re right about them being environmentally friendly too, which keeps my interest in the brands.

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  3. I like Starbucks, but the store near my office does not give me the good vibe I get in most stores. That one store has made me rethink my brand loyalty. Instead I now frequent a couple of locally owned shops in the area.

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  4. I don’t follow many brands on social media due to fact I don’t always like seeing their posts clutter up my timeline but I do follow a couple. Like you I follow brands that I purchase from which can help me see different products coming out or even new innovations. I feel like following Apple would benefit a costumers so that they can see their new products or even learn more from about their existing products.

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