Ethical Issue in the World of Social Media

Do you get LinkedIn invitations to connect or Facebook friend requests from someone you have never met face-to-face? I know I have. I’m also guilty of inviting someone to connect even though I’ve never met them before. 

This is an issue that has been brought to my attention before but when I found a blog post by Eagle-Eyed Editor that touches on this very matter; I knew I had to write about it and see what my followers think. 

I knew that once I started a social media account that I’m inviting the world to see what my life is like, to some extent anyways. I also accept the fact that my profile may be subject to “cyberstalking” and I’m okay with that too as long as it is harmless and people don’t have malicious intent. The concept of “cyberstalking” brings up a few ethics questions. Is it okay for individuals to creep on other people’s profiles to see whether they have similar interests and is that any different then creeping on your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend’s profile? Has the advent of social media created new ethical issues? Are we tempted to look at someone’s profile because it is less creepy and easier than observing them through the glass of binoculars?

We can all agree that social media sites have encouraged us to open up our lives or at least part of our lives to anyone with internet access.  

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Top image: Blogtrepreneur

Image in post: 3dman_eu

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